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Dear Adventurer,


Whether you want to come study in New Zealand, retire here, or move your job to the land of the Kiwis, you can come to New Zealand with your family, check it out, learn the ropes, and then decide if the move is right for you.

Our knowledgeable and fun team will ensure you get to see the country on our all-inclusive relocation tours while you learn about relocating so that you can walk away knowing if a move to New Zealand is the right choice for you.


🥝 We've got your back every step of the way! 🇳🇿


Love always, The Kiwi Kit Team 🤙


Join other students on a tour from university to university to ensure you choose the right one for your degree!


Join other retirees on a whirlwind of an experience learning about the different aspects of moving to New Zealand for retirement all while seeing this beautiful country.


Transfer your current job, find a new one, or change paths entirely -- our tour will help you restart your career where ever you are and where you want to go.

What's included in our New Zealand Relocation Tours...


We provide information sessions for immigration, banking, healthcare, and more to ensure you have all the information you need to successfully move to New Zealand.


Learn about the indigenous Māori culture to better understand the history, language, and people in New Zealand who are the backbone of life in this country.


Meet professionals who can help you with your move from a variety of aspects such as educational options, finding a job, finding the right place to live, etc.


All accommodation throughout the tour is included.  All hotels are Kiwi-owned and operated.


All transport is included in your tour from the moment you land at the airport, through the duration of the tour, until you head back to the airport.


All of your meals are included from the commencement of the tour.  We can cater to any and all food preferences and allergies.

If you're looking to study, retire, or restart your career in New Zealand before you commit to the move, we've got just the tour for you!


Come on a relocation tour with us so you can "try before you buy."

I want in!

Half of our tours run in the South Island and half run in the North Island.

The South Island tours start and end in Queenstown.

The North Island tours start and end in Auckland.

Below is a sample of what a North Island tour may look like.



*Subject to change

Check-In Day: Arrive in Auckland

  • VIP shuttle service from AKL airport to hotel 1 (we provide a ride for you even if you arrive earlier than the day before the tour begins)
  • Welcome dinner & drinks
  • Free evening to get settled

Day 1: Official Tour Begins

  • Breakfast @ hotel & itinerary review
  • Morning information session with The Kiwi Kit Team Immigration Advisor
  • Driving tour around Auckland
  • Lunch in Auckland Harbour with others who've relocated to New Zealand and learn what life is like in Auckland
  • Return to hotel early-afternoon
  • Information expo with universities, retirement communities, or employment agencies (depending on tour)
  • Happy hour @ hotel 1
  • Dinner at marae
  • Return to hotel 1

"The biggest adventure you can ever take is to live the life of your dreams"

- Oprah Winfrey

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