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What is The Kiwi Kit?

The Kiwi Kit is an all-in-one relocation guide for anyone interested in moving to beautiful New Zealand.


Founded on a love for Aotearoa (Māori for The Land of the Long White Cloud) and everything the country represents, The Kiwi Kit is a unique service that helps you from the moment you decide to leave home until you’re well settled in New Zealand.


Our founder, Kelsey Powell, knew that if she could fall in love with a country, the people, and the way of life as deeply as she has with New Zealand, other people out there must be looking for that same connection.


Moving to New Zealand was confusing and a little daunting, but now that Kelsey and her team understand exactly what would have helped them simplify the process and feel supported along the way, they have created it to help someone like you!


Born out of a need to help others with their move to New Zealand, The Kiwi Kit has become not only a guide for those seeking to relocate, but also a community of individuals going through the same experience.


The Kiwi Kit’s Mission:


To be the best relocation program available for those seeking to move to New Zealand.

To foster an authentic, caring community of expats and Kiwis.

To highlight and celebrate the unique and special aspects of what living in New Zealand truly means.


The Kiwi Kit Team has a passion for sharing the spirit of New Zealand and want to help anyone seeking to start a fresh chapter full of adventure, excitement, new friends, and new experiences.


We’re working hard to ensure that you can have a smooth transition and full support along the way the moment you decide to move to stunning Aotearoa.


If you have any questions about The Kiwi Kit and the upcoming launch of our premiere program, don’t hesitate to email us at: kiaora@thekiwikit.com.




Although Cecilia has a Swedish passport, she’s more of a worldwide citizen.  She’s lived in England, the U.S., Australia, and now calls New Zealand home with her very cool American husband.


Cecilia helps The Kiwi Kit develop authentic relationships with Kiwi companies to ensure our brand is staying true to its purpose of serving those moving to New Zealand whilst also supporting the New Zealand economy.


With experience in business development, Cecilia is the innovative mind behind expanding The Kiwi Kit’s abilities and offerings through our media kit, sponsorship opportunities, and partnership affiliations.

If you have any interest in partnering with The Kiwi Kit, please email us at kiaora@thekiwikit.com.



Originally from Chile, this adventurous woman has travelled the world for the past five years, setting herself up in a new country in almost every continent. She describes herself as a Chameleon explaining that life has taught her the ability to adapt where ever she is. She finally found a home in New Zealand, and loves to help others find their way here.

Bursting with creativity Vale will be the lead of our marketing team, feeding our blog and social media spaces with helpful and interesting hints about moving to New Zealand.

A storyteller at heart and passionate about helping fellow travellers, Vale will keep you engaged with up to date fun facts that will make your journey to your new home exciting and stress free.



Our SEO King at The Kiwi Kit, AK is the behind-the-scenes master at marketing wizardry that most of us don't understand.

With his Bachelors and Masters degrees in Marketing, AK is the master Digital Marketing Consultant that has helped get The Kiwi Kit on the map.

Originally from India, AK is an expat who's found a life he loves in Christchurch.  He's super active in his community and is passionate about helping get start-ups off the ground.

We appreciate everything AK does for us at The Kiwi Kit!



Kelsey is originally from New York, but she now calls Queenstown, New Zealand her home after relocating to the South Island in 2016.


She’s is a Kiwi at heart and loves the people that have opened their beautiful country to her.


As the Founder of The Kiwi Kit, Kelsey has always remained true to the promise of serving New Zealanders through a conscientious business model that gives back to the local economy, encourages mindful travel, and serves as a productive link between those relocating and the Kiwi people.


“Life in New Zealand is how it should be everywhere.”


If you have questions about The Kiwi Kit, please email us at kiaora@thekiwikit.com or you can email Kelsey personally at kelsey@thekiwikit.com.

About Zero to Zealand™

What is Zero to Zealand™?


If you’re thinking about moving to New Zealand, you’re in the right place.


Moving to a new country can be overwhelming and confusing.


Here at The Kiwi Kit™, we’ve designed an easy-to-follow package that will help guide you, step-by-step, from the moment you decide to move.


Our premiere relocation package provides you with:

  • A moving checklist so you don’t forget anything you need
  • Visa guidance to put you at ease
  • A savings blueprint
  • How to pack for a year in New Zealand
  • Access to a community of fellow expats also moving to New Zealand
  • Arrival information and itineraries to take the pressure off you
  • A thorough guide on understanding life in New Zealand


If you or someone you know is interested in moving to New Zealand, send us a message or jump on the waiting list to be the first to hear about our program launch!


If you have any questions about The Kiwi Kit™ or Zero to Zealand™, don’t hesitate to email us at kiaora@thekiwikit.com.


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